Great Get Together events honour Jo Cox

Michele Moreno
June 18, 2017

FRIENDS and supporters of murdered MP Jo Cox gathered for picnics and fetes in her memory. "We've had so many disastrous events over the last few months and we've learnt in our church that we need to be open so that people can come and find space, and they can find God who's speaking to them all the time if they would listen".

Great Get Together events have been taking place across the city all week in memory of the MP who was murdered on June 16 a year ago.

The Batley and Spen MP was shot and stabbed by far-right terrorist Thomas Mair during the EU Referendum campaign on June 16 previous year. I think the huge response is because we're tapping into the national mood.

Across the United Kingdom this weekend, hundreds of community events have been planned for Britons to "share food with their neighbors, and to celebrate the things that bind us together".

Communities around the country will be paying their own tributes a year after her tragic death.

He added: "We hope these events give us all a moment - as Jo talked about in her maiden speech - to focus on the things we have in common".

"We will not go back to a "them and us" culture where distrust and hate exist and the best way to help end prejudice is by talking to each other and understanding our various communities".

"And with The Great Get Together, what we've got is a reason to come together that isn't a bad reason".

Rev Paul Knight of her hometown in Birstall told Premier that people should remember Cox's message of community harmony.

The event was devised by Mr Cox to ensure that his wife's life and work was foremost during the anniversary, not the division and hatred that motivated her killer, Thomas Mair, a white supremacist (News, 25 November).

The Jo Cox Foundation teamed up with The Big Lunch to create The Great Get Together in celebration of Mrs Cox's belief that we all have more in common than that which divides us.

The get together, supported by politicians and celebrities including chef Jamie Oliver, aims to bring cheer to a country that has suffered a string of terror attacks, a brutal election campaign and, most recently, a catastrophic fire in a housing estate in West London. "Just moments that don't fixate on the differences but focus on those things that we have in common".

The first minister said people had a responsibility "not to let extremists divide us".

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