Google to Stop Reading User's Messages

Nettie James
June 27, 2017

In a blog post, Google said that they are closely aligning G Suite Gmail and consumer Gmail, at least in terms of scanning emails for the aforementioned ad-targeting purposes. The initiative comes from Google's cloud unit, not its ad team, per Bloomberg, as the company tries to allay concerns of more privacy-minded enterprise customers of its G Suite software package. Rather, Gmail ads will likely be determined by a user's search habits or other information that the company has from people using Google or Google-related products and services. More than 3 million companies pay to use the G Suite today, according to Greene. Users can change the settings at any time, including disabling ads personalisation.

The company has been taking part in a practice where it reads your emails in order to determine what ads to push your way as Google makes a large chunk of its revenue - 88% - from ads.

The post Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Ditches Email Scanning On Gmail Accounts For Targeted Ads appeared first on Market Exclusive. While the consumer version of Gmail has had messages scanned to target ads, the business version has never been scanned.

So, by ending all scanning, Google hopes to end the confusion and sell Gmail to even more businesses. That would seem to indicate that the cloud unit considered email scanning, which has always been controversial, to be a significant barrier to its business.

The fact that Google was scanning users' emails has long troubled privacy advocates. Google faced criticism over the years for invading and exploiting the privacy of its users. Corporate customers paying for its G Suite email don't see such ads and their accounts aren't scanned.

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We can not be the people that tells our children and grandchildren what the concept of privacy once meant, and why we no longer have it.

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