Good News for Rapists Everywhere, Bill Cosby Not Going to Jail

Michele Moreno
June 18, 2017

Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial ended Saturday in a mistrial after jurors said they were hopelessly deadlocked.

A small entourage of Cosby aides broke into wide smiles and clapped each other on the back as the mistrial was declared.

The controversial district attorney had used the Cosby case in a 2015 campaign ad, slamming his opponent for failing to bring criminal charges. Prosecutors suggested he drugged her with something stronger.

Cosby is also set to face a civil suit in California later this month.

"The Ellen Show" producer Andy Lassner said, "I believe you". They kept their remarks positive, as the result was at least in some way a victory - the mistrial result, while not being a full acquittal, does mean that Cosby can avoid the potential jail time that he might otherwise have been facing.

Although more than 50 women have come forward to tell comparable stories of being drugged and then sexually assaulted by one of America's most famous entertainers, the court trial came down to the allegations of one woman.

"Rehearing testimony in this case is revictimization for everyone that's been the victim of sexual assault and rape".

Former federal prosecutor David Weinstein said Cosby's celebrity nearly certainly played a role in the jury's deliberations, perhaps to convince "two or three jurors that it's impossible to convict Dr. Huxtable, to convict Fat Albert. that he couldn't have done this awful thing".

There's no doubt he had sexual contact with Constand (Cosby contends it was consensual).

The judge pressured them to reach a decision by not allowing them to throw in the towel until 9:30pm.

She tweeted, "Bill Cosby's trial is about much more than Bill Cosby".

It's unclear if more than one juror was a hold out. "We're not actors. We're real life people". Instead, she targeted the prosecutor, O'Neill and some members of the media in a statement read by a publicist outside the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Penn. But I'm incredibly hopeful hearing the district attorney saying he would retry this case.

Cosby's wife of almost 50 years, Camille, was seated in the courtroom on Monday for the closing remarks, and watched as the 79-year-old comedian's lead lawyer, Brian J. McMonagle, insisted that the alleged incident between Cosby and Constand was consensual and that their relationship was romantic in nature. Meeting Cosby two years prior, Constand alleged that their professional relationship led to him drugging and sexually assaulting her inside his mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

Cosby's career and good-guy image were already in tatters by the time his chief accuser took the witness stand, and the prosecution's decision to pursue a second trial keeps him in legal limbo.

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