Gadhafi's son released from more than 5 years of detention

Michele Moreno
June 11, 2017

Political rivalry and fighting between militias has hampered Libya's efforts to recover from the chaos that followed the Y 2011 uprising that toppled and killed Seif al-Islam's father.

Days later in November 2011, Seif al-Islam, whose name means sword of Islam, was arrested by an armed group and held in their northern hilltop stronghold of Zintan southwest of Tripoli.

The same armed group made an identical announcement in July 2016 about freeing Seif al-Islam, but this was later denied by the authorities in Zintan.

The uprising later plunged the oil-rich North African nation into a ruinous civil war in which Saif al-Islam led Gaddafi's loyalist forces against the rebels.

Seif al-Islam was the likely successor to his father Moamer Kadhafi and had appeared destined to become the modern face of Libya. Three of Gadhafi's seven sons were also murdered in the 2011 uprising.

Since the Gaddafi's four-decade rule ended in 2011, Libya has struggled to establish basic institutions and rule of law, with militias and former fighters challenging the authority of the weak central government.

After the coup, Saif Islam Gaddafi was taken hostage and was kept in jail until Saturday release., although in July 2015 he was sentenced to death.

Rival groups and militias have been vying for control of Libya ever since, with the authorities in the east not recognising the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) based in the capital.

The commander of the Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Battalion, Ajmi al-Atiri, was set to release a video statement explaining the details of the release.

Seif is described as heir apparent of late Gaddafi. "It is a clear principle of law that one can not be tried twice for the same offence", defense laywer Karim Khan told the Hague-based ICC.

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