Declare cow as national animal: Rajasthan HC

Michele Moreno
June 1, 2017

Disposing of the PIL moved by Jago Janata Society regarding the conditions at Hingonia gaushala in Jaipur, the court also appointed a committee of lawyers to keep a watch on the cow shelter's functioning.

Last year, 50,000 cows reportedly died at the government-run cow shelter in Jaipur due to alleged negligence. In a 139-page order, Judge has stated that India is a predominantly agricultural country, based on animal rearing.

Providing the example of Nepal, Sharma said, "Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared the cow as its national animal..."

A single-judge bench of Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma said the chief secretary and advocate general of the state would be the legal custodians of the cow.

In any case, declaring cow as the national animal of India will have both beneficial and harmful effects on individuals.

Observing that cow is pious like peacock, the court also recommended life term for cow slaughter instead of three years under the Bovine Act.

The order also says that State Chief Secretary and Advocate General to take steps to get the directions implemented.

Moreover, the Court asked the state government to take note of the corruption at Hingonia Goshala, as a result of which the welfare of the cows suffered.

Peacocks don't mate peahens but sire offsprings with their tears, according to a Rajasthan High Court judge who on Wednesday presented this unique theory after passing a verdict.

"There is a mafia that is involved in slaughtering cows".

The vigilantism around cows seems to have intensified since 2014 - the year BJP ascended to power under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

The direction comes at a time when many states are protesting the government's decision to impose ban on the slaughter of cattle, primarily cows, for commercial purposes.

The woman made unapologetic comments on Pehlu Khan's death. Referring to the slaughtering of a calf in Kerala's Kannur district by Youth Congress activists, he said, "We are seeing a new frenzy on part of some people to put the cow in danger".

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