Apple debuts HomePod speaker to bring Siri into the living room

Marlene Weaver
June 8, 2017

HomePod's voice control features are delivered using six microphones which also in support of Apple Music users can respond with "Hey Siri, I like this song", and other responses.

The seven-inch tall device works with Apple Music and has seven small "tweeter" speakers arranged in a ring around the bottom of the unit and a large 4-inch woofer in the middle.

According to company, this speaker doesn't send any data to Apple until you say "Hey Siri"... and when it does, it encrypts the data being transmitted through an anonymous Siri ID so no one can listen it.

AAPL says the Siri speaker will cost $349. Let's check it out more and see what the HomePad is all about and even though we might get to know more in the coming time since it scheduled to be officially available by December 2017, here are a few things to know about it. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has unveiled its HomePod smart speaker to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo but critics have questioned whether it is worth the expensive price tag.

Munster was not as enthusiastic about the HomePod, which was developed to rival Amazon's Echo (AAPL) and Google's Home (GOOGL). While it's now positioned specifically for music (like a Sonos), you can still ask Siri questions about the news, weather, or sports, as well as control HomeKit-enabled devices like lights and air conditioning.

The HomePod is Apple's first new gadget in almost three years, following its announcement of the Apple Watch in September 2014. It will be available in other countries next year. The new model will begin shipping on Monday.

Apple "can't afford to yield valuable real-estate in the heart of people's homes to Amazon, Google and others", said Geoff Blaber, research analyst at CCS Insight.

Apple has announced its new software and hardware during the keynote address at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Apple also announced a new translation service in Siri between English, Chinese and the four most popular European languages. These types of music-related capabilities are limited to Apple Music subscribers, though; if you don't want to pay a monthly fee, Siri won't be able to help you here.

And the operating system for mobile devices is getting a major update with iOS 11.

The US tech firm has said the speaker will hit retailers in the US, UK and Australia this December with the rest of the world being forced to wait until 2018.

"New indoor maps of areas like malls and airports indicated that Apple might be laying groundwork to display information over images of those places in the future".

The company also rolled out tools for developers to create augmented reality applications for iPhones and iPads. You can also use it relay voice commands to smart appliances that use Apple's smart-home software, HomeKit (these include a range of smart bulbs, thermostats, and so on, but excludes Google-owned Nest's smart thermostat).

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