Sega looking to revive 'major IPs'

Marlene Weaver
May 16, 2017

SEGA's net profits have surged four-fold year-over-year, and the Japanese games-maker hopes to continue the strong momentum with a new business plan. Based on the "Road to 2020" document, it appears that SEGA plan on continuing its post-launch support for Phantasy Star Online 2 while also developing new titles for both consoles and mobile.

Furthermore, the company aims to revive its dormant IPs, in addition to expanding the existing ones and acquiring new IPs for North American and European PC games.

In the release of their business roadmap to 2020, Sega Sammy Group detailed exactly what they want the SEGA brand to achieve and where that will come from.

Total unit sales for the fiscal year totalled 10.28 million, with new sales accounting for 5.24 million units of that.

SEGA sells by far most of its packaged games overseas, with 7.37 million units shipped overseas previous year versus 1.85 million units in Japan. The recent PC re-release of Bayonetta and the upcoming release of Vanquish on that same platform suggests that Sega is already interested in looking at ways to revive their publisher back catalog.

What IPs will be revived by Sega are now under speculation as no other details were revealed in the presentation.

It's definitely an interesting snippet of information as SEGA have a ton of classic and much-loved IPs that haven't had so much of a glimmer in the past couple of decades.

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