Mark Zuckerberg shares video of the day he got accepted to Harvard

Javier Howell
May 21, 2017

Perhaps Harvard is something he wished to avoid since he also dropped out of college in 2004 to get started with Facebook.

We are all familiar with the nerves before getting a response from a potential university one has applied to. "I got accepted." His dad had a much better reaction.

The video shows baby Zuck in his trademark gray T-shirt and pajama bottoms checking his email from his bunk bed, surrounded by computer components. Next week I'm going back for commencement to get my degree.

It's at that point that he opens the email from Harvard and discovers that he's been accepted.

"Yay", Zuckerberg says in a monotone voice, perhaps in shock, when he finds out he got in.

His excited dad however goes nuts, yelling, "All right!"

The video has been viewed more than 4 million times as of Friday morning.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has uploaded a rare insight into his life before he became one of the wealthiest human beings on the planet.

Zuckerberg, who left Harvard his sophomore year, will be receiving an honorary Doctor of Letters degree.

To which Zuckerberg replied, "That was definitely not my plan. Now I suppose the cycle is complete", Mr Zuckerberg writes in the comments section on Facebook.

"Oh, they'll be there", he said.

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