China says it has successfully tested new type of missile

Ray Weaver
May 14, 2017

"To judge from the missile remains disclosed by media, it was a DF-26 that was tested recently, also known as the aircraft carrier killer missile", Song Zhongping, a military expert who used to serve in the PLA Rocket (Missile) Force, told state-run Global Times.

In simple terms, China is anxious that US's radar system would be able to potentially detect Chinese missiles better, in the event of a future war. The report added that Beijing opposes the system, known by its acronym, THAAD, because its radars are allegedly capable of peering deep into China, allowing the USA and its allies to better detect rocket launches and aircraft movements.

China's military has conducted live-fire drills and weapons tests in the northeastern Bohai Sea close to the Korean peninsula, the country's defence ministry said on Tuesday. It is the place that separates China from the Korean Peninsula.

At a regular news briefing last month, China's defence ministry responded to questions about the THAAD deployment by foreshadowing the weapons tests, saying they were necessary to safeguard its national security.

China has invested heavily in both ballistic and cruise missiles.

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Wednesday that China had no intention of softening its opposition.

China and Russian Federation openly protested at the United States deploying the THAAD, accusing them of using it to spy on them.

The US said the THAAD deployment was aimed at countering any missile attack by North Korea against the South, Japan and the US. He added that the region is a preferred location for such tests because it is Chinese territorial waters.

China has vowed appropriate response for THAAD missile batteries.

"It hasn't much to do with THAAD directly, but it is a kind of warning" to South Korea and the U.S., Song said.

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