Trump's tweets prompt Democratic representatives to boycott inauguration

Jenna Warner
January 22, 2017

Denis McDonough, the outgoing Obama White House chief of staff, refused to commit the president to Lewis's position. So Republicans might start questioning the legitimacy of a Democratic president? In fact, their actions align respectively with beliefs about Trump.

To the editor: A minority of Democratic Congress members will disrespect the president-elect by boycotting his inauguration.

The boycott by African American legislators is bound to deepen the alienation of the incoming President from the black community since Trump's prickly nature is unlikely to be forgiving of such a boycott. Donald Payne Jr. (D-10th Dist.) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12th Dist.) are boycotting the festivities, while Rep. Albio Sires (D-8th Dist.) said he is under the weather and will not be attending the swearing in.

"I believe in forgiveness". I believe in trying to work with people. "It's going to be hard", Lewis said. While there are many rumors, and the role of Russian Federation is under investigation, Lewis is wrong to suggest that Trump was not legitimately elected. "They helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton". He suffered a fractured skull while leading the march in Selma, Alabama more than a half century ago. He led desegregation efforts throughout the American South, including sit-ins in segregated dinners, as well as being one of the original Freedom Riders who fought to integrate buses. Entirely separately, Mason Weaver, reportedly a former member of the Black Panther party whose Twitter page describes him as a Christian conservative, had some harsh words for John Lewis in an appearance with Tucker Carlson on the Fox News Channel, Fox News Insider reported.

Mr. Hill makes the ignorant and unsafe assumption that one black person represents the views of all black people, by virtue of common skin colour.

As usual, when someone expresses disapproval of him and his administration, Trump lashes out on Twitter.

From reading the Washington Post (as in, the paper of record in the nation's capitol) you wouldn't think America was inaugurating its 45th president, but rather ushering in an historic protest.

The division is real, and exists because of unaddressed problems.

Outgoing CIA chief John Brennan has expressed fears that Trump lacks a full understanding of the threat Russian Federation poses to the US.

Trump had hit back at Lewis following the Georgia Congressman's comments implying Trump was unfit to be President. However that does not warrant Trump's baseless claim of Lewis being someone who is all talk. In my view, these attitudes play into Trump's hands. A president shouldn't use the pulpit of the State of the Union address to admonish the Supreme Court over a political issue as Obama did over the Citizens United decision.

Even worse is the message these clowns protesting the inauguration sends to the average American man or woman. "We may have disagreed with his policies", said Collins.

These situations are different. In the end, Toomey endorsed Trump just hours before the polls closed on Election Day.

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