Alec Baldwin to Host SNL for Record-Breaking 17th Time

Jenna Warner
January 24, 2017

If you're yearning for more of Alec Baldwin's impersonation of President Donald Trump, you'll love the news that Baldwin is hosting Saturday Night Live on February 11 for a record-setting 17th time.

This will be Baldwin's record-breaking 17th turn as host.

In under five years, Baldwin's popular string of characters put him into the illustrious five-timer's club alongside SNL greats like Candice Bergen, John Goodman, and Tom Hanks. He was previously tied with Steve Martin.

Baldwin, a vocal Trump opponent, has said "SNL" has a responsibility to mock the commander in chief. Baldwin has been recurring as Donald Trump throughout the past year; this will mark his seventeenth stint as host.

We're sure President Trump is just thrilled right now.

After routinely playing Trump in SNL's cold opens this season, Baldwin will host the show's February 11 episode for a record-breaking 17th time, with Ed Sheeran tapped as the week's musical guest.

Variety notes that Baldwin did say a while back that he'd stop doing the impersonation under one condition - if Trump were to release his long-awaited tax returns.

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